Are you constantly exhausted, overwhelmed or stressed out? Do you have trouble coping with stress now that travel is restricted?

With our homes now doubling as our workplaces, it is getting more and more difficult to manage stress.

You need a break!

The most effective way to combat stress and stress-related burnout is through well-timed, high quality breaks. The number one way people choose to take a break is by taking a vacation.

Our platform combines the two!

BreakAway is a mobile platform designed to optimize your break time by teleporting you to another city, country or island using immersive imagery and relaxing soundscapes. We call it virtual travel therapy and it works better, faster and longer than your average meditation session.

Let us rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in under 7 minutes.

Virtual Getways

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Guided Imagery

Visualization is a 2,000 year old technique that works by concentrating on sensory-rich images and experiences to promote increased emotional control, concentration, positive mood and performance.

Tapping Therapy

Tapping Therapy is derived from the ancient Chinese science of acupressure that works by slowing down the stress signals firing from the amygdala- the structure in your brain responsible for your body’s response to fear and anxiety.

Music Therapy

Music has been crowned the “medicine of the mind” by psychologists and neuroscientists across the world. It possesses the ability to transform your mental, and even physical, state in a matter of seconds.

Long Lasting

Breakaway uses carefully crafted melodies to quickly enter you into a state of tranquility and deep relaxation. We then reinforce the memory-solidifying properties of music with special binaural tones designed to allow you to easily recall your break session and return to your happy place.

Physically Restorative

Chronic stress takes a toll on your mental and physical health. The brain uses the stress response to respond to life-threatening situations by elevating our heart rate, contracting our muscles, and releasing stress hormones. Remaining in a constant state of stress means this pathway is never turned off! This places our body at an increased risk for high blood pressure, tension headaches, weight gain, depression, and more.  Our platform is scientifically designed to guide your mind and body into a deeply restorative state and help it recover from the damaging effects of constant stress.

Designed for Entrepreneurs, Students, Parents and All Others who are in Need of More Breaks!

You're probably so busy that you barely have time to sleep.

We get it!

You're in need of something that can make your mind and body reset in the shortest amount of time but in the most effective way.  BreakAway is for you.  Focus harder, stay energized and work in a long-lasting relaxed state with our travel therapy platform.

Great For the Workplace

More than half of Americans don't use all their paid vacation days, 81% don't leave their desks for their lunch breaks, 50% skip lunch due to work demands, and 28% almost never take any type of break while at work.

This is resulting in neck pain, strained eyes, job stress, lack of sleep and more.  Add our platform to your company workspace and watch the positive changes in your employees' energy and mood.

Coming Soon

BreakAway will be adding new experiences to several virtual reality headsets and platforms. The meditative vacations will seem surreal and even more relaxing.

Virtual Reality

VR Headset

BreakAway plans to expand to VR Platforms such as Oculus, so users can experience an even more immersive and breathtaking view of their favorite destination!

Kid's Relaxation

Fun Vacation Experiences

BreakAway can encourage your child to sit back, relax and enjoy a cool meditative session at their favorite park or beach.

VR for Seniors

Helping those with dementia & anxiety

BreakAway is currently testing it's affect on the senior community as it pertains to anxiety, insomnia and Alzheimer's.

First 1,000

The first 1,000 people to join our waitlist will have access to an exclusive VIP Offer.

14 Day Free Trial

Our VIP waitlisters will get to try the BreakAway platform before ANYONE else.  This will be totally free for 14 days.

$100 For Life

Once the 14 day trial is over, our VIP users will be offered lifetime access to the BreakAway platform for an amazingly low price!

Join the virtual travel therapy movement!

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